Interested in Learning REIKI?



Interested in learning REIKI?

We will be holding two separate level 1 Gendai Reiki classes in October. Location will be in Burlington.
Gendai Reiki Ho is one of the more interesting methods of Reiki in Japan. The meaning of Gendai is “modern” and therefore is referred to a modern style of healing; focusing on physical and spiritual healing. Its originator, Mr. Hiroshi Doi was a member of the original founding Gakkai in Japan (Usui Reiki Ryoho).

There are four levels of Gendai Reiki that are taught in Japan with this method: Shoden, Okuden, Shinipiden, and Gokuikaiden. The focus in each of these levels is not only to incorporate what is used in traditional Reiki, but also the incorporation of other spiritual practices that relate to this. At each of these levels, students will be offered attunements. These are defined in Gendai as empowerment techniques. Unlike regular Reiki, these attunements focus on the spiritual as well as physical healing.
Classes for Level 1 (Shoden)
Saturday October 18th 10am to 5pm
Sunday October 19th 10am to 3pm


Tuesday October 21st 9am to 5pm
Thursday October 23rd 9am to 1pm

$265.00 + HST
We are asking for a $50 deposit two weeks prior to the start date

Payable via credit card/debit/e-mail money transfer

If you are interested please contact me at or 905.630.3661

Thank you